Mountain Bike at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

The trend of bucking cyclocross in favor of mountain biking continues this fall. This weekend Sean, Andrew, Derek and I headed to some new-to-us trails in Silver Falls State Park. The trail system features some classic northwest double track climbing, steep loose and rooty descents, man made free ride features, and some mysterious ghost features … Continue reading Mountain Bike at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Notes on shooting a wedding on a boat

If the boat is moving, unless you’re running full auto you have to stay on top of the exposure settings! The one we were on did essentially a figure eight loop in the Willamette on a partially sunny day. Light conditions were changing by the minute. There is engine noise that will sound exponentially louder … Continue reading Notes on shooting a wedding on a boat

Crescent Mt, South Pyramid Creek mountain biking

We met this guy on the way up Crescent Mountain. He was doing the Oregon Timber Trail. He had read that it was the hardest of The Trails- harder than the Divide, harder than Baja. He had just ridden in Baja and he said that yeah, it was much harder. There was also some talk of buying a new Cadillac every year instead of sending your kids to college.

From the top of Crescent we could see nearly all Oregon cascade summits. There were also remains of an old fire lookout.

All of us underestimated the ride. Andrew was wise and went back to the car to get more food when we went through that area on the way down Crescent Mountain.

Heading into the last climb we had to stop to filter water.