Moab Trip – Arches National Park

We took a break from mountain biking and drove to Arches National Park for a hike. I brought both cameras- the M6 (with TMAX 400 @ 800) and the GII. I find it difficult to convey the power and beauty of natural landscapes with black and white but I think these turned out pretty good! They’re displayed approximately in chronological order with the digital color counterparts to compare and contrast.

Moab trip – Slickrock and Captain Ahab trails

Our first riding day in Moab had two classics on the itinerary- Slickrock and Captain Ahab.
After the first of many great meals at Eklectica Coffee we headed up to Slickrock. This system was to be used more or less as a training ground for some of us first timers; to get used to the grip that the rocks provide.
Next we crossed the river to Captain Ahab which was a very technical and difficult trail. After a hard fought up, you’re rewarded with incredible views of the valley and a fast and harrowing descent.

Behind the Element at Rainier, or, Running with Howard

Starting with the World Championships, Behind the Element really started going off the rails. Beyond a sophomore jinx, what’s beyond a jinx? A hex? Whatever the case, we stopped producing. A lot of that falls on my shoulders as I fell behind editing but to be honest I wasn’t excited about the footage or the story arcs at all.
This year I will only be able to make it to one Crusade race so fuck it- I’ll shoot an episode. I’ll release other “lost episodes” as I get to them.

Mountain Bike at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

The trend of bucking cyclocross in favor of mountain biking continues this fall. This weekend Sean, Andrew, Derek and I headed to some new-to-us trails in Silver Falls State Park. The trail system features some classic northwest double track climbing, steep loose and rooty descents, man made free ride features, and some mysterious ghost features which hinted at even more man made jumps in the not too distant past.

Notes on shooting a wedding on a boat

If the boat is moving, unless you’re running full auto you have to stay on top of the exposure settings! The one we were on did essentially a figure eight loop in the Willamette on a partially sunny day. Light conditions were changing by the minute.

There is engine noise that will sound exponentially louder during playback. Probably vibrating up through the tripod is a low, low diesel growl that is hard to isolate and remove in post.

If in an urban environment there will be traffic noise which is impossible to remove. The tonal registers created by car engines and car tires is there to stay. No way to isolate and keep voices sounding normal if using a shotgun mic. Seems tiresome but a boom or even worse- some lavaliers (ugly) might be the way to get it sounding perfect, or, if you’re extra pro get some audio running through the PA.

I sincerely doubt that I will have the opportunity to do something like that again but if I do I’ll have some lessons backing me up.


A Plan B- Raging River in Washington

We had been planning a trip up to Washington to do more of an adventure route, specifically Juniper Ridge. A road closure made the route difficult for a weekend excursion so we opted to go ride Raging River, just outside of North Bend.
Andrew and I left town after work on Friday and drove up to Sean’s house in Vancouver. David shortly met us up there.
We camped at Sahara Creek Horse Camp on the way up. We got in late, the others set up tents while I pulled a seat up and slept in the Element.
The next day the now ubiquitous wildfire smoke had socked in the valley. We looked up the aqi near North Bend and were disappointed to see it close to 180. David convinced us that riding in masks was “fine” once you get used to it; we agreed to try the masks. No suggestion of not riding was had. We got some masks at a local hardware store, some coffee at a cart and were at the trailhead around 11. A drizzle had just begun, giving us hope that the air would hopefully get better. It did get better which is great because climbing with the mask on was unpleasant.