The Truffle Doc – Production Notes from first shoot

Kyla and I went to private land just outside of Arlington, Washington to film our first truffle hunt.
We met Aiko on the property and headed out into the woods, which were later confirmed to be an old Christmas tree farm. The owner of the property had set out a bunch of chairs at different areas of the land, apparently she likes to sit and take in the landscape from different vistas. Aiko’s dog, Cowboy quickly found a handful of tubers before it was time to meet Alana and her student who was hunting out in the wild for the first time. They too were successful.

Some notes:

  • Swaddle the camera with plastic, holding down with binder clip near the battery and pinning the excess plastic in the handle. This renders the flip out screen unusable.
  • Using the viewfinder alone it’s hard to make out some of the onscreen messages while simultaneously shooting and following dogs through the woods. In my case focus magnifier had been hit while wrapping the plastic and I didn’t notice, ultimately making for some strange framing since the image gets cropped from the bottom up.
  • The rain hitting the plastic around the camera gets picked up very strongly by the mics.
  • Good to wear pants that can get dirty. Also, maybe those pants shouldn’t be baggy- that noise gets picked up too.

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