A Plan B- Raging River in Washington

We had been planning a trip up to Washington to do more of an adventure route, specifically Juniper Ridge. A road closure made the route difficult for a weekend excursion so we opted to go ride Raging River, just outside of North Bend.
Andrew and I left town after work on Friday and drove up to Sean’s house in Vancouver. David shortly met us up there.
We camped at Sahara Creek Horse Camp on the way up. We got in late, the others set up tents while I pulled a seat up and slept in the Element.
The next day the now ubiquitous wildfire smoke had socked in the valley. We looked up the aqi near North Bend and were disappointed to see it close to 180. David convinced us that riding in masks was “fine” once you get used to it; we agreed to try the masks. No suggestion of not riding was had. We got some masks at a local hardware store, some coffee at a cart and were at the trailhead around 11. A drizzle had just begun, giving us hope that the air would hopefully get better. It did get better which is great because climbing with the mask on was unpleasant.