In the darkroom

I had not been in the darkroom since printing some 5x7s for Ina and Chris’ wedding book or since I lost my job. About two and half months. Now buried by negatives I spent a fair amount of time and paper doing contact sheets (Generally usable sheets at setting 10 height on enlarger, f16, 10s). With the show coming up in March it’s important to make it a habit again as well as produce some good work prints. The performative aspect of dodging and burning felt foreign and contrived. Consequently I got some sub par results. Not discouraged though- excited to do more!

Moab Trip – Arches National Park

We took a break from mountain biking and drove to Arches National Park for a hike. I brought both cameras- the M6 (with TMAX 400 @ 800) and the GII. I find it difficult to convey the power and beauty of natural landscapes with black and white but I think these turned out pretty good! They’re displayed approximately in chronological order with the digital color counterparts to compare and contrast.

Moab trip – Slickrock and Captain Ahab trails

Our first riding day in Moab had two classics on the itinerary- Slickrock and Captain Ahab.
After the first of many great meals at Eklectica Coffee we headed up to Slickrock. This system was to be used more or less as a training ground for some of us first timers; to get used to the grip that the rocks provide.
Next we crossed the river to Captain Ahab which was a very technical and difficult trail. After a hard fought up, you’re rewarded with incredible views of the valley and a fast and harrowing descent.